NDT/NDE Inspection

Where and why

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Weldadvice US Inc.

NDT for Safety and preventive

  • Prevents interruptions and breakdowns in production
  • Often to be performed without production interruptions
  • Often quickly to prepare and easy to carry out
  • Provides precise documentation for compliance with quality standards
  • Provides precise documentation for mandatory in-service inspection
  • Complies with current standards and regulatory requirements including customer specific requirements. 

NDT to ensure quality

•The offshore industry

•The Wind Industry

The energy sector •The construction industry

The transport sector

Machine factories

The shipbuilding industry


Weldadvice offers :

  • Training and Certification in according with client’s quality written practice. (ASNT-SNT-TC-1)
  • Training in accordance with Customer/Clients specific specifications/procedures. 

Creation of Weld and NDT/NDE Procedures

In accordance with National and /or international standards’ and to ensure the compliance with client’s specifications.

Training of NDT personnel

NDT/NDE today   is part of the   added value chain  for the product

Non-destructive testing/examination (NDT/NDE) provide the basis for most inspections of industrial infrastructure, safety critical parts, and fabricated components for verification of condition or the quality without damaging the parts.

At Weldadvice US INC. we have  specialist skills in non-destructive testing of structures, products and materials build on more than 20 years of experience within the oil and gas sector, Wind Industry among other industries. 

Our technicians and inspectors are trained and certified in conjunction with the appropriate technical societies for each industry we serve, including ASNT & EN ISO 9712 (prior EN 473). Our procedures consistent with industry best practice.

Safe work practices controlling the execution of the work and a safety culture that ensures the practices are followed

Non-destructive testing can be used preventively and to improve safety.

NDT/Welding Surveillance

  • Review of NDT procedures (VT. MT and UT) including fabrication and quality control procedures as well as documents used in the fabrication as per Code and specifications.
  • Review of shop drawings to verify conformity with approved design drawings and specification.
  • Review the availability and implementation of fabrication and QA/QC procedures applicable for the work.
  • Review of Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS’s) and supporting Procedure Qualification Records (PQR’s).
  • Review of welder and welding operator qualifications.
  • Review of register of NDT equipment and calibration certificates.
  • Survey of NDT test activities as per National /international Codes and standards.
  • Survey of the receiving inspection of materials including verification of mill certificates and material traceability.
  • Survey weld activities including traceability of materials, welder qualifications and welding procedures.